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Our Own Words: A Student's Guide to College Composition

Each year, the College Composition Program puts together a new edition of Our Own Words: A Student's Guide to College Composition containing outstanding essays from college composition courses. The essays represent a variety of genres, from personal narratives to research essays to hypertext writing. Select from the links below to view the best student writing of that year.

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An organization of winners by essay type according to the assignments in each of the College Composition strands: EssayType.pdf

An organization of winners by year with the essay type listed: YearAndEssayType.pdf

An organization of winners and runners up with essay type listed: Award WinnersAndRunnersUp.pdf

The James M. McCrimmon Award for Outstanding Essay in College Composition

The College Composition Committee gives the McCrimmon Award to the outstanding essay in College Composition. All submissions are considered for publication in Our Own Words.

Submission Guidelines:

1. All essays will have been written in College Composition courses at FSU.

2. Each teacher is allowed to submit one entry per class (ENC 1101, ENC 2135, Honors, CARE).

3. Each teacher must include the following with each submission:

  i. One clean final draft with no comments, grade, or identifying labels (e.g., student name, teacher name ). Submit this electronically.

  ii. An electronic copy of each draft.

  iii. An assignment sheet or description of the assignment.

  iv. Any invention materials or drafts, process memos, etc. that tell about the student's writing and thinking processes during the composition of the paper. 

  v. The following permission slip, signed by the student in the teacher's presence and then signed by the teacher. The permission slip must be submitted with the essay in order for the essay to be eligible for the contest.

4. You may submit essays for the McCrimmon Award to the CCP assistants anytime before the final deadline.

 Submission Form:

James M. McCrimmon Submission Form

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