Our Own Words 2012 - 2013 Edition

James M. McCrimmon Award Winner:

Title: "Analysis of Optimism's Effects on Physiological Reactivity to Stress"  

Student: Cody Call

Assignment Sheet -  an analysis of optimism’s effects_assignment sheet.docx

Draft 1 -  an analysis of optimism’s effects_draft 1.docx

Draft 2 -  an analysis of optimism’s effects_draft 2.docx

Final -  an analysis of optimism’s effects_final.docx


1st Runner Up:

Title: "On the FCAT, I Bubbled My Race as 'Other'"

Student: Kimberley Jones

Assignment Sheet -  on the FCAT_assignment sheet.docx

Final -  on the FCAT_final.docx

Process Memo -  on the FCAT_process memo.pdf


2nd Runner Up:

Title: "I Am a Parody (And So Can You!)"

Student: Erica Summer Lindsley 

Assignment Sheet -  i am a parody_assignment sheet.docx

Draft 2 -  i am a parody_draft 2.docx

Draft 3 -  i am a parody_draft 3.docx

Draft 4 -  i am a parody_draft 4.docx

Final -  i am a parody_final.docx

Process Memo -  i am a parody_process notes.docx