Our Own Words 2013 - 2014 Edition

James M. McCrimmon Award Winner:

Title: "A Silent World"

Student: Kylie McCormick

Genre: Position Shift Essay 

Assignment Sheet:   McCormick Prompt 

Grading Rubric:   McCormick Rubric 

Draft1:   McCormick Draft 1

Final Draft:   McCormick Final Draft 

Reflective Memo:   McCormick Reflection 


1st Runner Up:

Title: "How Do You Measure A Year in the Life?"

Student: Lindsay Cohn

Genre: Visual-Textual Interaction (Visual Rhetoric Analysis) 

Assignment Prompt:   Cohn Prompt

Draft 1:   Cohn Draft 1

Draft 2:   Cohn Draft 2

Draft 3:   Cohn Draft 3

Final Draft:   Cohn Final Draft 


2nd Runner Up:

 Title: "The Power of Movies to Shape Life"

Student: Thomas McCarthy

Genre: Personal Narrative 

Brainstorming: Link to invention ePortfolio page 

Drafts: Link to draft ePortfolio page 

Final Draft: Link to final draft ePortfolio page