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English Department Writing Resources / Reading Writing Center

Reading Writing Center

The Florida State University Reading-Writing Center offers tutoring to all FSU students, from first-year undergraduates to finishing doctoral candidates. Acting as a test audience for students’ writing and ideas, our graduate and undergraduate tutors work to help visitors to the RWC develop their writing in four areas:

  • Process: tutors focus on students’ process of writing and support students’ composing throughout all facets of the writing process;
  • Rhetorical awareness: tutors attend to the wide variety of writing genres, conventions, and media that students encounter across and outside disciplinary boundaries;
  • Reflective Practice: tutors model and encourage habits of reflection that prompt students to be more critically aware of their own writing practices; and
  • Transfer: tutors foster the use of techniques and strategies that sustain beyond the tutoring session and help students apply what is learned across multiple writing contexts.


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