Our Own Words 2001 - 2002 Edition

Eun-hang Ip by Carol Yang
Internet Harrassment: The New Crime of the 21st Century by Joe Crouch and Tanya Bischoff
Life Can't Stop by Kafka Jackson
Lighting the Fire by Ingrid Bayer (McCrimmon Award Runner-Up)
Mar's World of Real Hip-Hop by Shaun Martin
Mayonnaise Jellybean Ruminations and other Contemplations by Lauren Crane
My Desire for Writing by Tangela Steele
The Intricacies of Cubanness by John Ermer
The Real College Basketball Awards by Dustin Staggers
To My Father by Aaron J. Mobley
Untitled by Elizabeth Palacios
Welcome to Disney World by Andrea Schwartz (2001 McCrimmon Award Winner)
Writing: For Me or Not for Me? That is the Question! by Nadia Sarmova

What We Wish We Had Known: Writing a Research Paper at FSU by the students in ENC 1102-35, Fall 1998, with Ruth Mirtz