College Composition

important announcement

The College Composition Program has transitioned to a remote work environment. While the Composition Office will continue to operate from a distance, its personnel will not conduct face-to-face interactions in order to limit potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. 

Specific questions regarding ENC 1101 and ENC 2135 should be directed via email to Dr. C. Daniels ( or to Dr. Dominguez Barajas (  

Emails are more easily answered remotely than phone calls, so please present your communication in writing rather than by voice-mail messaging. All inquiries conveyed via email will receive a reply within 48 hours if not sooner. 

Any questions related to adding, dropping, or withdrawing from ENC 1101 and ENC 2135 should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Studies ( 

For the latest information regarding University measures in response to the virus, please visit this website: 

about the college composition program

College Composition courses (ENC 1101 and ENC 2135) at Florida State University teach writing as a recursive and frequently collaborative process of invention, drafting, and revising. Writing is both personal and social, and students learn how to write for a variety of purposes and audiences.

For students, please direct questions to

For instructors of College Composition, The Teachers’ Guide provides introductory material to the College Composition Program and a toolkit for developing course material. Sample syllabi for our courses are also provided in the Teachers' Guide and on our College Composition Website, which also provides sample project prompts, assessment guides, and supplemental readings. The Inkwell represents an archive of activities and exercises to be used in our writing classrooms, and plagiarism exercises are found here in keeping with Florida State University’s plagiarism policy.  Our Own Words represents a collection of undergraduate writing from our College Composition courses.  In addition, each year, the College Composition Committee awards the James M. McCrimmon Award for best student writing of the year and publishes this work in Our Own Words.

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