Meet the Consultants

Summer B


Arinze is a first year PhD fiction major. He has an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and his debut collection of stories is out this summer. He is most equipped to help with brainstorming and organization of essays/papers, as well as creative pieces.


Bertha is a second-year PhD student in Creative Writing. In addition to tutoring, she teaches ENC 2135 and ENC 1101 at FSU. If you need help with poetry, elevation of language, narrative, or virtually anything under the umbrella of creative writing-- she can help. She's also happy to work with students who are not native English speakers.


Emily is a senior EWM student minoring in Psychology. Her academic interests include poetry, cultural rhetorics, and contemporary media. Emily has experience tutoring in reading comprehension and writing. In her spare time, Emily enjoys working on graphic design and multimedia projects.


Gabi is an MA/PHD student in the Rhetoric and Composition program. Her research interests include public memory, digital humanities, convergence culture, cultural / Latinx rhetorics, and writing center studies. Her current digital design interests include video and audio editing and web-based articles. Can assist with: Canva, Wix/Weebly, Photoshop, InDesign, GIMP, Audacity, Wordpress, Wix/Weebly, Powerpoint, Prezi, Screencast-o-matic, basic video editing. Learning: OpenShot, Premiere, Audition


Gbenga is a poet and an essayist in the Creative Writing PhD program. Gbenga can assist with general writing projects including critical essays, nonfiction essays, and personal statements. Gbenga can also work with writers on creative writing pieces.


Jackie (she/her) is an MFA student of poetry. Some of her favorite things outside of her studies include road trips, cryptids, collecting eclectic novelty coffee mugs, and the filmography of Hayao Miyazaki. She's most comfortable in MLA formatted research essays, literary analyses and reviews, but she has also worked with APA and Chicago-style assignments, resumes, cover letters, presentations, and more.


Ryan McHale is a second-year PhD student in literature, media, and cultural studies. His scholarly interests include critical theory, modernist studies, and the work of Samuel Beckett. Ryan has taught a variety of composition classes in both a community college setting and at four-year institutions. He also taught ESL classes for three years in Spain.


Sam (he/him) is a first-year in the Rhetoric and Composition PhD program. He received his MA in English: Rhetoric and Composition from UNF. This is his third year working in university writing centers. Sam is interested in critical race theory and how race functions within university writing center spaces. He looks forward to collaborating with students on their individual writing processes and questions, writer confidence, citation questions, reading comprehension, and many other writing-and-reading-related topics.


Sarah (she/her) is a first-year PhD student in Creative Writing (Fiction). She obtained her BA in English and Studio Arts from the University of New Mexico and her MFA from the University of Houston. As well as teaching at the collegiate level, she has worked in art museum publishing and taught creative writing to K-12 students. She has particular expertise in fiction/literature, psychology, and art history/arts writing, and is well-versed in CMS formatting. 


Tommy is a historian and Ph. D. student in the Literature, Media, and Culture program, and has worked as a writing teacher for ten years; likes religious studies, anthropology, movies, and novels, with a specialization in the works of author William S. Burroughs; can help with research strategy and writing structure.

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