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Welcome to the Digital Studio!

All of our consultants will be online and available to anyone who can access both an internet connection and a suitable device, ideally with a microphone and a webcam. 

How can we help? Although we have limited options for technical support, we can offer feedback at all stages: planning, in-progress, and revising. You can make an appointment to discuss or review digital projects that include layout design, videos, and websites. 

Specific projects: All of our Digital Studio consultants can offer general feedback on projects. We also have areas of interest and programs that we work with more frequently. For help with projects using specific software programs or platforms (e.g., InDesign or Wix), you can click on each consultant's appointment bio to read their specialty areas.

We recommend these sharing options for drafts: PDFs, YouTube/Vimeo links, website URLs

If you haven't used our services before, go here to register. Go here to find out more about making an appointment. For our opening hours, go here

Johnston Digital Studio

The Johnston Digital Studio is a larger space on the ground floor of the Johnston Building (G062). There are four Macs, four PCs, and movable tables. The Johnston Digital Studio is available for one-on-one assistance and group workshop reservations.

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Williams Digital Studio

The Williams Digital Studio is our smaller space in the Williams Building (room 222B). There are several desktop stations, a Smartboard, and tablet arm chairs. The Williams Digital Studio is ideal for one-on-one assistance and small meeting reservations.

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Consultants can assist with different projects and programs. 


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