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Please note that from March 23rd until face-to-face teaching resumes, the Reading-Writing Center will be available online. Our opening hours are not affected. Click here for more information about Online Tutoring. Click here to learn how to make an online appointment.

The Florida State University Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio offers writing and digital literacy support to all FSU students, including first-year undergraduates, students in all majors, international and other ELL students, CARE students, student athletes, and graduate students across the disciplines. 

Reading-Writing Center tutors act as a practice audience for students’ ideas and writing, helping them develop their writing in many areas. Among them are:

  • Process: tutors focus on students’ process of writing and support students’ composing throughout all facets of that process;
  • Rhetorical awareness: tutors support students’ development of writing expertise in all writing genres and media employed across campus;
  • Reflective Practice: tutors model and encourage habits of reflection that prompt students to be more critically aware of their own writing practices; and
  • Transfer: tutors foster the use of techniques and strategies that students can apply and re-purpose in multiple writing contexts.

In addition, the FSU Reading-Writing Center provides education in both writing theory and practice and tutoring theory and practice for graduate and undergraduate students who wish to become tutors; supports local and national efforts to promote writing in its various genres and media; and facilitates research in writing and tutoring. 

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