About Us

 This is no ordinary computer lab.

With two locations, one in the Johnston building (G-062) and one in the Williams Building (222B), the Digital Studio is a learning facility for digital and multimedia projects. The Digital Studios aim to serve students and faculty from all disciplines and is staffed by graduate TAs from the English Department.  

Students and faculty are welcome! Digital Studio consultants can help you at any stage of your project:

  • help brainstorm project ideas

  • provide feedback on digital project content and design

  • facilitate collaboration for group projects and presentations

  • explain the interface and nuances of a given program. 

Projects can include designing an electronic portfolio, designing a website, creating a blog, composing a visual essay, selecting images to embed in a text, adding audio and/or video into a text, and creating a presentation.

Just need a space to work? Those attending the Digital Studio are not required to work with a consultant: the Digital Studio is also open to those who would prefer to work on their own to complete assignments/projects.

Digital Studio consultants can assist with the following programs:


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In fall 2008, the Williams Digital Studio opened as part of the Reading-Writing Center. In 2009, the Digital Studio held its first Digital Symposium which showcased digital student projects from a range of courses. The Digital Symposium has become a proud annual tradition. Follow this link to learn more about the symposium and see past examples. 

In 2011, the Johnston Digital Studio opened as a larger, satellite location to host larger groups of students, faculty, and staff. 


In the Digital Studios, we support local and national efforts to promote writing across various genres and media. The Digital Studio is a learning facility where both students and faculty can work on and receive assistance with digital and multimedia projects.

Extending the RWC’s mission to composing across media, the Digital Studio is a space dedicated to:

  • supporting, promoting, and showcasing writing in its many modalities,

  • offering online and face-to-face resources for finding and using software, platforms, and programs effectively

  • providing space for faculty and students to write individually or collaboratively, host meetings, and conduct research on digital projects.

Each semester, we offer training for Digital Studio staff to learn industry standard image, video, and layout design software. 

We also uphold FSU’s core values of dynamic inclusivity and engaged community in at least three ways: 1) providing composing support for all students, faculty, and staff; 2) ongoing education for our consultants focused on individualized instruction; 3) facilitating initiatives focused on outreach, studio assessment, and community building.

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