Our Own Words 2005 - 2006 Edition

Preface: Reading Our Own Words -- Dustin Anderson
About the First Year Composition Program -- Deborah Coxwell Teague
What Goes on in ENC 1101? -- Devan Cook
What to Expect in ENC 1102 -- Dan Melzer

McCrimmon Winner: Coming Out of the Dark by James Tooley Jr. 
McCrimmon Runner-up: Lessons of Living by Whitney Harris 
McCrimmon Honorable Mention: Murder? Oh wait! You Mean an English Paper! Oh! OK! by Catherine Saunders 
McCrimmon Honorable Mention: The Beauty of Color by Keh'ara Kirkland

A Hole In My Left Shoe by Christopher Brown
A Poker Addiction by Juan Michelen
Collegiate Gladiator in the Gauntlet of Education by Justen Calvacca
Survival of the Thinnest by Glivery Gayahan
The Wizard of Oz: More Than Just a Children’s Story by Lauren Houlberg