Our Own Words 2010 - 2011 Edition

McCrimmon Award Winner: The Moral and Legal Implications of Fair Use by Alexander Saunders

First Runner-Up: The Saragull by Sarah Melendez

Second Runner-Up: Cruising by Michael Merali

Third Runner-Up: Goodbye, Hello by Tatiana Meneses


A Tale of Mediocrity by Jordan Sandberg

Bob Dylan: The Mechanics of His Social and Political Influence during the 1960s by Benjamin Feilich

Draw This Way by Kurtis Beliveau

Facelessbook by Kevin Neidorf

Matters of Loss, Discovery, and Halftime by Kelsey Peterson

No Tears at a Funeral by Sara Greenblum

One Heartbeat by Jacob Hawkins

Press Play, Not Fast Forward by Jennifer Barsky

Tied Together by Haunting by Teri Bruno

“The Road West”: The Road of Hope by Samantha Mosley