Are You A Graduate Student?

Consultants in the Reading-Writing Center, many of whom are themselves graduate students and all of whom are trained in holistic, process-centered peer consulting, help fellow writers both strategically, and with practical support for the project in hand: from brainstorming, to getting words on the page through extended drafting and revising, tutors act as both test audience and experienced commentators, talking with students about their goals and expectations, and offering practical help, feedback and advice. In addition, RWC consultants can help hone analytical reading skills that are an essential prerequisite for effective academic writing. Please note that the RWC does not provide editing or proofreading services; there is, therefore, no implication of plagiarism in seeking RWC support. RWC consultants can, however, help writers build their own editing and proofreading skills.  

We regularly meet with graduate students working on theses and dissertations and other long-form projects such as articles for publication. Ideally, these dialogues become a collaboration that includes input from advisers, so that consideration is given to both form and content as the project develops. We frequently work with bilingual and multilingual students at the graduate level, addressing the particular challenges of producing a manuscript that meets the required standard of expression in English. We are happy to help, not only with the text in hand, but also with strategic approaches to producing your best written work in the form of a long manuscript.

Graduate students who want to work with a graduate consultant may make appointments for free sessions, up to 90 minutes each week, at any of our locations; or you can register for a semester-long class (ENG 5998) that provides more structured, but still individual, RWC-based tutor support, for 1, 2 or 3 credits. For more information on registering for credit, please visit our web page here.

Graduate student writers often appreciate the consistent, semester-long, support of one, or sometimes two consultants, plus the mutually-agreed deadlines, that ENG 5998 supplies. However, we appreciate that not everyone wants to take a class for credit. For that reason, and when our resources allow, we can also arrange for graduate students to meet with the same tutor or tutors at the same time every week for the whole semester.

In addition to in-person consultations, the RWC offers online appointments for any student taking an online class and/or working at a distance from Tallahassee, including those based overseas, and for any student with accessibility issues.

For more information on our services, please contact the Reading-Writing Center at

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