Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reading-Writing Center (RWC)? 

The Reading-Writing Center is a writing resource for FSU students of all majors, programs, and backgrounds. In the RWC, consultants act as practice audiences for ideas and writing projects. 

What projects can I work on at the RWC?

The RWC welcomes all writing projects. We work with students on writing such as critical essays, research papers, theses and dissertation drafts, creative writing, and professional job documents. When you schedule a meeting, our consultants will discuss your writing goals and areas of focus (brainstorming, organization, formatting, etc.) with you. 

Who can I work with and how can they help me?

Our consultants are undergraduate and graduate students. Read their bios and learn more about their specialty areas: 

Whether the session is in-person or online, our consultants can work with students on any stage of the writing process from brainstorming to revising. They can work with you as you develop ideas or revise aspects of your writing, but please note that consultants cannot line edit for students. Our goal is to work with students and offer strategies or approaches for their writing projects. 

What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a laptop or have two paper copies of your writing ready at the start of the consultation. If you are working on a draft or have written ideas, you can upload the file(s) to your appointment form. 

How do I make an appointment? 

If you haven't used our service before, register for an account here.

Log in at, select a schedule, and make an appointment by selecting an available time. You will receive an email confirmation indicating your appointment has been made. You can log back into the system at any time to change or cancel your appointment.

What if I need to cancel my appointment? 

If you can’t attend your in-person or Zoom meeting, please cancel your appointment at

There is no penalty for a cancellation. However, if you miss your meeting and don't cancel, we will mark you as a no-show. After three no-shows, your account will automatically be deactivated until you contact the RWC Director ( 

Will the RWC proofread or edit my work? 

The RWC will not proofread or line edit for students. Instead, a consultant will work with you to learn skills and strategies that will help you proofread and edit more effectively. 

If you are a graduate student who needs assistance with Electronic Thesis & Dissertation (ETD) formatting, please consult the Graduate School’s formatting guidelines.

Do I need to bring a draft to my session? 

No. You are not required to bring any writing to the RWC. Consultants can assist you at any stage of the writing process including the early idea stages. Simply make an appointment and note brainstorming as one of your goals in the form. 

What is the Digital Studio (DS)? 

The Digital Studio is a learning facility for digital and multimedia projects. Consultants in the DS can help students with digital projects such as websites, video editing, or layout design.

Digital Studio computers all have access to the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere). For more information, visit:

I am an undergraduate. How can I get more involved in the Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio? Do I need to be an English major? 

The RWC hires undergraduate interns from any major who have taken ENC 3493: Peer Tutoring in the Reading-Writing Center and Digital Studio. This prerequisite course explores how learners approach writing and why these approaches are highly individualized. ENC 3493 is an experiential learning course that includes observation and co-consulting with current RWC consultants.